Frequently asked questions

Shipping within the greater Bay Area

Good Eggs is a next-day online marketplace that delivers local and sustainably produced foods, including Wooden Spoons Rillettes, to your doorstep. They reach the Greater Bay Area. 

Deliveries through Good Eggs are free for orders over $60 (there's a $4.99 fee for under $60).

Shipping outside of the Bay Area

To ensure that your order arrives in the most delicious condition, perishable and weather-sensitive products require two day or overnight shipping. Our rillettes are packed in styrofoam lined boxes and packed with frozen gel packs. 

If you'd like to discuss options please contact us at

How long will my rillettes keep? How do I store it? 

Your rillettes must be refrigerated. Please enjoy by the "dig in by" date on your jar.

Once you've removed the layer of duck fat on top, it's best served within a week. That layer serves as a seal to keep the rillettes fresh. By all means please use it for your roasted vegetables or fried eggs, but avoid mixing it in with the rillettes. 

How to serve?

Rillettes is most delicious served not too cold. We like the creaminess of the rillettes spread on a lightly toasted baguette. A piece of endive, a small sandwich with a few greens, or plain crackers all work as well.

Where do you source your meats?

Glad you asked! We use only local meats that are raised sustainably. We currently buy our pork and rabbit meats from Devil's Gulch Ranch in West Marin. Our duck legs come from Sonoma County Poultry. And our fish is always local, from Monterey Fish Market.